Home School Convention Schedule for 2011






March 31-April 2, 2011

Cincinnati, OH

MidWest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati


May 20-21, 2011

San Antonio, TX

Feast Homeschool Convention

25 Burwood Lane San Antonio, TX


June 23-25, 2011

Philadelphia, PA

NorthEast Homeschool Convention

Valley Forge Convention Center,


Here are my Newest talks. If one interests you contact the Convention nearest you and ask for them and spread the word because often conventions book the talks that are popular.

  1. Your Children May Never Be Normal-But They Can Be Extraordinary!
    Your child has a passion that brings him or her joy. Find and feed that joy and watch the extraordinary unfold. Come with Dr. Guffanti on the adventure of your life as you explore discipline, curriculum and more in this beautiful and inspiring talk.
  2. Why Wait For Christmas? Seven Of The Best Gifts You Can Give Your Kids
    This eye-opening discussion gives you what you need to know what is worth changing and what is simply not going to change. So why wait? Here are the gifts, priorities, attitudes that, starting today, will give your children the Godly upbringing you desire for them.
  3. God Doesn't Have A Couch Potato Ministry
    Explore the marvelous purpose God has for you. Dr. Guffanti shares his struggles with learning, relationships, and more, and how in overcoming them he grew as a person and as a Christian. You'll be thinking, "Wow, he was worse than my son! And yet, he's in his right mind, delivering a completely clear message to a crowd of people. There's hope!" Guaranteed to get you thinking. motivated.and more passionate in your walk with God.
  4. Issues That Keep Parents Up At Night
    Am I too strict-or too lenient? Am I homeschooling the way that's best for my child? Am I brave enough to educate this child? How do I motivate my kids? What am I missing? Relax! You don't need to be perfect. God's plan is simple: Love your family the way he loves you. From this core understanding comes the answers and the peace of mind you are seeking.
  5. Active Child? ADHD? No Matter What Label-NOW WHAT? (Part 1)
    Behind the label is a child you love deeply, no matter what. And no matter how frustrating your child is, he or she really does love you. Gain a light-hearted but heart-felt understanding of issues that can weigh a family down. Laugh and cry as you learn solutions that will bless you for having the courage and love to homeschool your challenging kids-solutions that result in less frustrating and more cooperative home.
  6. Active Child? ADHD? Discipline, Making Friends & More (Part 2) OR Active Child? ADHD? Making Friends, Staying Alive & Getting Educated (Part 2)
    This talk builds on the insights from Part 1 to motivate, discipline and focus your child. Go from chaos to calm and joyful. Even if your child is so frustrating that you need to remember to love him or her today, you will make the discoveries that can transform your home-and your challenging child. When you understand the strengths of your active children, they will flourish. Dr. Guffanti offers hope for the future, and solutions for today.

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