Rocket Phonics Takes Your Child to 5th Grade Reading in 2 Years or Less!

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Hands down the best phonics program available today, Rocket Phonics is fast, fun, easy-to-use, over three times as effective, and half the cost of competing programs.

Rocket Phonics is a research-based, scientifically proven method of teaching reading—multi-sensory and game-based—for children ages 4-10 that takes your child from non-reader to 5th grade reading level in two years or less!

Imagine how confident your child will be when he or she is reading with ease, above grade level. And with Rocket Phonics you have no prep-time—plus it’s non-consumable.

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Why Choose Rocket Phonics?

Why choose Rocket Phonics? Look at what happens traditionally when a child learns to read. Young children often are eager to learn to read. So parents teach the child letters and their sounds. Next the child is able to read phonetic words like man, or hop.

However, soon the child sees words like one, two or was—non-phonetic words that seem to make no sense. Some children take all these inconsistencies of English in stride and learn to read quickly and easily.

But that’s not true for all kids; for 60% of children, learning to read will be difficult; for nearly 30%, it will be the most difficult skill of any task they learn throughout life.

The inconsistencies of English can make learning to read a frustrating guessing game for children. Kids hate to guess and be wrong; they want consistency. Some children even do whatever they can to avoid reading altogether.

Choose Rocket Phonics so your child experiences accelerated reading success while enjoying games and learning reading is fun!

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